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The actual visa endorsement is stamped in your passport on arrival at Paro Airport, entry point. You will then receive a visa for the period you have arranged to be in Bhutan.


There is no star categorization of hotels in Bhutan and five star luxuries are limited available. However we provide the best hotels available. There are comfortable hotels built in traditional design at all tourist destinations.


Traditional Bhutanese food is hot and spicy. For our visitors, however, Chinese, Indian, and Continental fares are also served. The more adventurous can try hot Bhutanese dishes. Meals are normally served buffet style in the hotels but you can always order your own meals of your choice at all the restaurants and hotels.


It is difficult to accurately generalize the climate of Bhutan because of the variations in elevations and seasons.

For the month of September the Maximum temperature is 28 degree Celsius during the day and the minimum will be 12 degree Celsius.


The photography opportunities on trip are immense.

*Carry plenty of films and batteries. Photo shops in Bhutan do not sell equipment or accessories.


To protect against unforeseen accidents and mishaps, we advise you to have travel insurance policy from your country. We regret the unavailability of such policies in Bhutan.

MONEY: (important)

You are advised to carry your money in form of Traveler’s Checks OR cash (US Dollar) which might be needed for incidental expenses.

* Banks in Bhutan do not accept credit cards. Visa Card and American Express credit card are accepted in a few shops. No other credit card is accepted so far.


Traditional Handicrafts, Textiles, Jewellery, Baskets, Masks. Paintings and Woodcarving make good buys.


Bhutan’s electricity is 220 V and to re-charge your cameras and cell phone we advise you to bring 3 Pin point plugs or one can buy in all the shops in Bhutan too.


Casual clothes are fine. Use a layering system, starting with thermal underwear and adding a shirt, pile jacket and windbreaker or parka as necessary.

    Back pack
    T – shirts or long sleeved shirts (not sleeveless)
    Sandals or flip flops
    Sun hat
    Pairs of socks and vests
    Torch (flashlight)
    Sunglasses, spare glasses and contact lenses
    Sunscreen lotion
    Umbrella or rain coat

You will be outside a lot, and much of this time is at altitudes above 2,500 m (7,800 ft); so there is plenty of sun and wind. Bring a supply of sun cream and some lip protection, such as Blistex; these items are not available in Bhutan.

Essential Extras

    Be sure to carry ear plugs (and spares) to reduce the noise from the barking dogs at night. The Bhutanese are Buddhists and do not euthanize or pound stray dogs.
    There are occasional electric outrages throughout the country; so you should always keep a torch (flashlight) beside your bed. You will also need while visiting some monuments and monasteries as some monasteries do not have electricity in order to protect the art works and paintings.
    A Swiss army knife has many uses, such as cutting cheese and opening bottles.

You will also want a small rucksack or back pack to carry your camera, water bottle and other essentials in the vehicle and when you are hiking or visiting monuments.

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