Healing Program in Nepal

Healing Program in Nepal

Healing Program in Nepal

We are working together with the Kundalini sound healing and research center. Lets experience the journey of Healing and Transformation with the primodial sound of the singing bowl.We offer you many healing sessions.Healing is a completely natural process. It is a flow of beneficial energy between the healer and the recipient that deals with the "disease" at its deepest level and frees your natural resources to influence on our body. Know there frequencies and using the Singing Bowl of planet frequencies to synchronize with our body for healing.

Seed of life volunteer Program:

Divine Love Shower now welcomes people with organic farming and gardening skills, as well as persons who have bamboo harvesting, curing and preserving, and building expertise.

We offer the possibility to join our spiritual family for a minimum stay of 1 month up to a maximum of 5 months, during which time you are invited to plant food seeds as well as flower seeds, and bring our land full of new life. New life from non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds, pure and natural seeds, and even rare seeds, which you are welcome to bring from your own countries. The soil is fertile and totally chemical free, and ready to receive your loving care and inspiration.

You will stay in our small ashram, and you will eat together with the Divine Love Shower family members. All spiritualbackgrounds are welcome, we will respect your practice, and expect you to respect our traditions and practices, without the need to join us. It is a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth, in a landscape with amazing views, where life is simple and time is moving slow. The ashram is situated on the slope of a hill, and is part of a tiny village with small houses sprinkled on the surrounding hill sides. There is no electricity, and only a few spots in the area where phone networks can be received.

There are several possibilities for work: on top of a hill, where the land is divided in terraces. We intend to create a park with ornamental and edible plants, open for all to enjoy. Spectacular sunrises welcome you each morning during certain seasons, and it is the ideal location for meditation and yoga practice to greet the dawn.

Another possibility is to work on our farm land down in a small fertile valley. For those with bamboo expertise, we are in the process of building different bamboo constructions, and if you are able and willing to flow with what we are doing, your help and input will be joyfully received.If you feel inspired, please send us an email introducing yourself, telling us about your skills, your spiritual practice and why you would like to join us. We will respond as soon as possible, and together we will decide if this program is suitable for you.

For more details you may contact us or you may find: www.divineloveshower.com


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